Massaging Mat & Foot Stimulator

$80.00 $34.99

Massaging Mat & Foot Stimulator

$80.00 $34.99

This will improve your sleep by making you relax and helps with mental fatigue.

You will never feel stressed or anxious with Massaging Mat.

Don’t neglect your feet. statistically, they are the appendages people tend to use most often but take care of the least. And if you don’t take good care of them, you can suffer from various nasty conditions, such as chronic pain, aches, and poor blood circulation. But if you’re already suffering from any of the above, fret not, this device is for you. 

Introducing Massaging Mat

The new advanced way to relax and massage your feet is called Massaging Mat. This new revolutionary mat that everyone is talking about. Relax your feet with this instant pain relief device. Massaging Mat is lightweight, compact, and cordless.



Massaging Mat is an electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) portable system suitable for anyone who needs a simple way to treat their persistent foot and leg pain. It is very portable, meaning you can take it anywhere with you. Massage your feet wherever you are.

Whether you are jogging or working out and your feet hurt, turn toMassaging Mat for instant relaxation. Massaging Mat includes a handy control that comes with various program modes. It sends intensities that contract across the soles of your feet and relieve your muscles.

It comes with many benefits. It increases the body’s circulation for healthy feet, knees, Achilles tendons, calf muscles, and more. Stimulating your muscles decreases your overall tension as well. It releases the built-in tension that has been for too long in your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require to be charged continuously?

No, you can charge it once and use it until your massaging needs are fulfilled.

Can it help with my feet’ injuries?

Yes, it can help with feet injuries and even prevents it from getting worse.

Can I choose the type of massage?

Yes, you can choose the type of massage style to your personal preference. Make a selection and choose the intensity level that feels best to you.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.