Neck Pain Relief Massager

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Neck Pain Relief Massager

Tired Of A Stiff Neck And Upper Shoulders?

Sleep Better, Feel Better With The Neck Pain Relief Massager 

Remote Controller 
Stimulate away your neck and shoulder discomfort by soothing your pains.
Neck Pain Relief Massage uses low-frequency electrical pulses also known as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to restore your tired and sore neck muscles.  


It simulates real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, body tension, improve sleep quality and promote blood circulation. Wetting the neck where the two metal pads come in contact before use will make you feel the massage more intensely.

✔️ Relieves aches, knots, and muscle tension

✔️ Suitable for all different neck sizes

✔️ Portable and skin-friendly silicone material

✔️ Easy to use, wireless remote control

✔️ Heat function: promotes blood circulation and compression

37 reviews for Neck Pain Relief Massager

    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Pamela A.
    I bought this for my husband for his Christmas, he used it Christmas night and couldn't fault it. So I thought I'd give it a try and it is brilliant!!
    Nancy A.
    Work wonders… I suffer from back and shoulder pain. By using this product i get a relief and can feel the difference it makes. Bought 2 and about to buy a 3rd. As I had to sell the previous 2 to relatives who tried it and fell in love. It also work wonders for my mum who hated massages as she thought they were too painful but with this you can set it to suit you.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Carol W.
    Been suffering with a really bad neck recently and nothing seems to be helping. I purchased this and have found it helps massively! There is still pain, however, after sitting here with this for 15 minutes I am able to move my neck. My mother in law also used it and she has asked for one for Christmas!
    This massager is fantastic and so much so I rarely feel the need to go for a proper massage now. Has really helped to relax tight sore muscles.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Robin J.
    Really feels like hands massaging you.
    The whole family use this every few days and generally feel less tension and have less tension headaches because of it. It really does feel like someone is digging their thumbs in. If you’ve a bad neck or tense shoulders it’s good and feels nice.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Paula D.
    Great product for providing relief from neck & shoulder problems which more often than not result in a headache. Not sure what the long term benefits will be as I've only been using it for a few days but it certainly offers temporary relief exactly when I need it rather than having to make an appointment.
    Jack Q.
    Good price for unlimited neck massages.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Anna K.
    That massager is awesome. I have it for over a month and I wanted to use it a bit before I made review but this massager is great. Because of my work I always have stiff shoulders and horrible pain in neck and shoulders. As well as I am lifting weights at the gym. I used to go to professional massage every month but since I have this device I no longer need to go.
    Rusty R.
    Can’t believe how well this works! I was left with a very painful neck after a very prolonged cough. This cost the same as one private physio session and I use it once a day. It has really eased my problem. Almost in-noticeable now. It has a timer that stops it after 15 minutes. Sits easily on my neck and is a real comfort. Replicates a real massage extremely well. Well made.
    Brian C.
    What can say.... it's amazing!!! Love That I can have neck massage while driving too! Suffered with neck problems for many years in 15 minutes after using I could get a full neck an head rotation highly recommended
    Patricia V.
    I often suffer with some back and neck tension from too much desk work. This is a great supplement to thorough stretching and can feel blissful at times. The adjustable intensity is really helpful and easy to use. It can't replace a good massage for me, though. Reasonable value and effective relief of discomfort without the need for pills and potions.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Briana C.
    I had been searching for a portable massager for so long, and with so many on the market I found it hard to make a selection. As soon as I used this for the first time I know I made the right choice.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Brenda H.
    Totally brilliant. I was a little bit dubious is this just another product that we've brought in the hope of lowering pain levels ! Oh I was wrong this is NOT just another. It's brilliant.
    Mark T.
    I’ve been having shoulder and neck pain ant I came across this while searching for a wheat bag. I read the reviews and they’re all spot on in fact three of my friends bought one within a week of trying mine. The different settings are great. It has made a massive improvement to my shoulders and neck. 100% recommend.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Susan L.
    I'll be honest, I wasn't too sure about this product when buying it. I know when it comes to these it can be a hit or a miss. But I'm happy to say that this massager does not disappoint. The design is excellent, and the batery it uses is very longlasting. It feels like a strong massage, which is great for relieving tension on your neck.
    Laura E.
    Game changer for me!!! My neck has been getting increasingly stiffer over the years and this device (although I've only had it a few days) has loosened my muscles up no end. Would highly recommend - very happy with quality of the product (esp. for the price!). Very happy camper!!!
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Michael V.
    I cant understand why i have not bought this sooner. As a floorlayer there is a lot of heavy lifting involved .strains on back and neck muscle are common. Highly recommend.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Mary G.
    I've only used it once, so couldn't give it five. But used it once and felt instant relief.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Jo B.
    I am very pleased with this. It is easy to use and gives good massage action. I especially like the heat setting. My neck and shoulder pain along with my headaches have improved significantly.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Sharon F.
    The heat is really pleasant and builds up slowly and the massage when applied to the neck is just fantastic.The massage can be quite strong and you need to adjust intensity until you get it right. Recommended
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Frank S.
    I bought this item based on the excellent reviews it has. It really is excellent! As this massager only costs the same as one professional massage, I felt it was well worth giving it a go.
    Dennis A.
    Wow simply amazing. I've been suffering from shoulder and back pain for years now but always to tight to pay out for massages or other therapies. After being recomended this by a friend I thought I'd give it a shot. After the first use everything was looser and less tense. Second use and the change was unbelievable. I can't wait to see how good it is next time. I honestly cannot recomend this product highly enough. If in doubt just get it!!
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Anthony Q
    I am very satisfied your service and shipping, I will give you highly recommend your store!
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Mazie L
    Works so well! Very soothing! I highly recommend it! I have purchased several for family and friends because this is such a great massager.
    Florine S
    Great customer support and excellent quality
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Corene R
    No matter scratch, roll, press, or hammer, knead, knead, just 15 minutes, you can feel a variety of professional massage techniques. I felt as if the metal patch had some kind of magic power, massaging the double-mode pulse through the skin, acting on every nerve cell, and slowly the acid and soft discomfort disappeared, leaving only comfort and ease. With far-infrared light wave heating, it's like sticking a hot water bottle on your neck. More comfortable than a hot water bottle, it can adjust the temperature. In summer air conditioning room, choose in low temperature to feel the neck is warm only warm, the muscle that deepness tightens also can get relaxed. Winter selection of high temperature, is to make people warm and comfortable, become vibrant again. When taking a nap, use, that kind of warm nd comfortable feeling, let unconscious fell asleep. However, there is no need to worry about taking a short rest. After enjoying a comfortable massage for 15 minutes, it will automatically turn off.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Edna O
    I stay in front of my laptop for very long time everyday to study for my test. And I started getting stiff neck. I tried those large massagers before and they always end up in the closet because I’m too lazy to take it out, plug it in and organize it after using. This one is small, light and convenient. I brought it to the library for a few times and ppl asked me where I got it lol It’s a little pricey but worth it. It has the heating function and the temperature is perfect to me. There are three different mode and many different intensities. Just remember to wipe it with wet tissue before using because it won’t work otherwise. I didn’t wipe it at first and I didn’t feel anything no matter what I click.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Anya R
    This is an excellent product. Very useful and fashionable. Fast delivery with retail box. Remote control and USB charging battery. Everything is perfect. Thank you betterneck and I recommend it to everyone!
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Concepcion V
    I love this massager. It took a while to get here but it was understandable due to the pandemic. I am planning on getting another one for my parents soon.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Ethel K
    The neck massager is really better. I will massage it for a while every day. It is very comfortable because I have severe cervical spondylosis. When I hurt, my head hurts. I really want to cut off my head. It is very painful and I always want to buy it. This machine has been paying attention for a long time, and I have seen many people recommend it. It is a net red product. Finally, I bought it and tried it. It is really comfortable. It has a little tingling sensation. The vibration can be adjusted, just like someone gives you a massage. At the beginning, it is not recommended to massage for too long, and slowly the time increases, those with cervical spondylosis can buy it.
    Josh B
    Excellent quality
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Odie B
    Excellent product. Remote control. Silica gel material let the skin feels very comfortable. Effect is very good.
    Janae D
    This is great!!
    Dario P
    Quick delivery for 2 weeks. good quality, I ordered two times the same product, recommended
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Augusta W
    Excellent product. Remote control. Silica gel material let the skin feels very comfortable. Effect is very good.
    Neck Pain Relief Massager photo review
    Brennon R
    Good neck massager and also very fashionable

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